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Bartending School Is Just The Beginning:

While you may be considering and contemplating a career as a bartender, by going to bartending school; do bear in mind that the bartending profession is not all fun and games as it's portrayed on film.

Bartenders work hard and extremely long hours, and are frequently paid base pay. Working at a leading local club or bar will, of course, automatically increase your take-home pay in the way of tips (in some cases as much as thousands per night), however you'll have to do your time and gain experience at smaller sized bars and clubs. At first, you'll also have work the less crowded shifts, as the experienced bartenders will get those. - Read Article



An Introduction To Bartending:

There are a few key things that excellent bartenders are required to understand in order to be able to run a bar effectively. These key things are necessary, bartenders will also need to learn and know the proper techniques for blending mixed drinks and beverages.

With bartending, the area of the bar is crucial. The bar ought to be put in a location that is easy to reach and provides lots of space behind it. There ought to be plenty of room for glasses and beverages, along with chairs. - Read Article

Bartending Pro Tips Part 1:

In a bar, you will find a interesting and varied neighborhood of a lot of people who will look for fine bartending, not only for the relaxation and sociability, but also for a familiar and comfortable environment where they are recognized and accepted.

For lots of people, in this aggressive and competitive world, a bar may be a sole source of sustenance for those standard things that are so necessary to us all as human beings. We are, after all, social beings. - Read Article



Bartending Pro Tips Part 2:

If there is trouble or violence erupts, at all costs, you must avoid coming out from behind the bar. An individual pal of mine came out from behind the bar and hit an assailant with a bar bottle since the assault was against a woman. That bartender (who owned the bar) is still in jail due to the bad violent individual passing days later, but because the bartender "came out from behind the bar" he ended up in trouble. - Read Article